The Bully

by Paul Lagan

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Darrel on PickAFace


The Bully was written by Paul Lagan. This book is about a boy named Darrell. He is moving from Philadelphia Pennsylvania to California. Darrell is sad that he has to leave his friends behind. And he is not excited about California. He is scared he is going to get bullied, just like e did in Philadelphia. When he got there, he had to go to school the first Monday of that week. And on the way down to school, he ran into his soon to become bully. For the first few weeks at school, everyone was teasing Darrell because he is small, mainly Tyray, the bully. Then he meets a girl named Amberlynn and a boy named Harold. They start to cheer him up and inspire him to do some activites that he would have never tried before. If you seem interested, read the book. Its a great one.

Character Analysis

Darrel made a huge change in the book. He went from being a scrawny kid to being a bigger more confident kid. And some of those reasons were because of his friends. They make him feel comfortable at his new school. And with that he decides to join the wrestling team. And when he is being bullied, his teacher Mr. Mitchell gives Darrel a book called Hatchet. Joining the wrestling team and reading Hatchet builds up his strength and confidence on the inside and outside.
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Paul Langan, About the Author

Paul Langan was a young boy when he moved from his home Philadelphia to New Jersey. When he was old enough to work, he went to work. As e got more money he went to Camden County College. After a year he went to La Salle University. During his break he went to go visit his friend in Kenya. While he was there, he became a prison tutor, and doing that inspired him to start writing. And one of those books happens to be the book that I just got done reading, The Bully, by Paul Langan.
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Book Comparison, Fresh Prince of Bel- Air

The TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Will Smith is a kid when he is outside and gets into a fight in Philadelphia. His mother sends him to California, to live with his Aunt and Uncle. At first he hates California, just like Darrell did in the begging of the book when he moved from Philadelphia to California. But throughout the show, he starts to like it there because he's made new friends. The show is great, you should go check it out.
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