Lazer Tag

By Nathan Ernst

Chapter 1 Introduction

Do you now how to play lazer tag? If not this is the right book for you. You will learn a lot about lazer tag and how it works. Lazer tag is a fun sport if you now how to play it. Lazer tag is all about stratigy and timing.

Chapter 2 Equipment

Equipment is the most inportent part of lazer tag. You apslotly need a lazer. The lazer is to shot everyone in your way. A vest is a nuther thing you need. The vest is sowe everyone can shot you.

Chapter 3 How To Win

You can win by finding different hiding spots. stiking together is the main way to win because you can out number the enemy.

Chapter 4 Making Baces

The key to making baces is at the begging go to a big or small area. You can also stay in a big group and get the people in the big or small area out.

Chapter 5 Atacking Baces

To atack a baces is to stick together so you are more likely to get the baces. You proble ambush them so they don't ekspeked that you are trying to get there bace that they are garding.
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