Republic Of Kenya

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How are teens in the Kenyan Republic different from teens in the U.S. ?
There are three main differences between the Kenyan Republic and the U.S. gestures, and holidays. Religion is the biggest difference, another major difference is gestures, and the last major difference is holidays.


In the Kenyan Republic, the teens are about 45% Protestant and 33% Roman Catholic.

In the U.S. about 80% of people characterize themselves as Christians and 14% of people characterize themselves as an Atheist or have no religion.

In Kenya they do spiritual rituals to reach out to spirits. In the U.S. most people go to Sunday Mass in church to worship God.


In the Kenyan Republic uses either the right hand or both hands to pass and accept items and if someone makes a tch tch or tss tss sound it means they are feeling displeasure.

In the U.S. we talk with our hands mostly and to to signal someone you feel displeasure you sigh.

In Kenya to greet each other they say habari za mchana ( hello during the day) and usually hug as well. In the U.S. to say hello or greet each other we usually shake hands


In Kenya they celebrate Jamhuri Day which is there own version of Independence Day.

In the U.S. our Independence Day is called The 4th of July.

In Kenya they celebrate Kenyatta Day in memory of Jomo Kenyatta for opposing British forces.

In the U.S. we celebrate Veteran's Day to remember the soldiers who died and served for our safety.