ERPD Feb. 12, 2014

Lakeshore Middle School

Welcome and Celebrations

  • LMS Partneship with Mooresville Library
  • Both Girl's and Boy's Basketball teams made the Tournament
  • Runner-Up in ISS Spelling Bee
  • Chorus singer qualified for All-State

Learning Targets

  • I can identify my needs based on the IMPACT CONTINUUM and my school’s Blended Learning model.
  • I can continue to move toward personalizing learning for all students in my class.
  • I can make connections to my school’s Blended Learning design model, the ISS model, the CWT template, the Blended Learning Rubric, and the IMPACT CONTINUUM to personalize student learning.


  1. Design Model - 10-20/20-10
  2. IMPACT Program Model - Individualized Student-driven learning, Revolutionize Instruction, Cultivate High Quality Educators, and Infuse Cross-Cutting Data-Driven Decisions.
  3. IMPACT Continuum - Instructional and Digital focus
  4. ISS Model - Personalized Learning
  5. CWT data - LMS and ISS

IMPACT Session 1

Small Group Activity


Think about an upcoming objective, learning target, or topic for your content area. Use this time to reflect on the processes, strategies, and materials you will need to complete a Blended Learning lesson following our Blended Learning Design. At your station follow the instructions below and complete your individual handouts.

  1. In your designated groups, please review and discuss the digital resources provided. (5-10 mins)
  2. Next, each member will complete your handout based on your individual classroom, collaborate with others in your group if needed. (10-15 mins)
  3. Once everyone has finished their handout, compare and discuss different strategies and activities to share out with the staff. List your ideas with the materials provided and be prepared to share out. (5-10 mins)
  4. Report out (10 mins)

Group 1: Classroom and Group Management: I can create and use classroom and group management strategies in my classroom instruction.


  1. Student groups and Cooperative Learning Strategies
  2. Small group instruction strategies
  3. Group work rubric

Group 2: Purposeful Grouping and Differentiation: I can create and utilize purposeful groups to differentiate instruction in my classroom.


  1. Purposeful Grouping Options Spreadsheet
  2. Dare to differentiate - Differentiation WIKI

  3. Differentiation Central - Differentiation website with resources

  4. Types of differentiation - i3 website and resources

Group 3: Digital resources and Blended Learning: I can find or create digital resources to facilitate blended learning lessons in my classroom.


  1. ??? Identify as many as you can to share out with the staff!

BREAK #1 (Transition to Blumberg's Room)

IMPACT Session 2

BL Model Lesson: I can make connections to my school’s Blended Learning design model, the ISS model, the CWT template, the Blended Learning Rubric, and the IMPACT CONTINUUM to personalize student learning.

  • Teachers will experience a Blended Learning lesson with Blumberg and Radcliff.
  • During the lesson, identify connections to the learning targets listed above on the Checklist provided.
  • Take notes on the Checklist of any strategies you might want to incorporate in your classrooms.
  • Is there anything we can add to the checklist in regards to “look fors”?

BREAK #2 (Transition back to the Media Center)

LMS Session 3

Copyright procedures

  • Citation procedures for Print/Non-print and Images

  • Using NCWiseOwl and Britannica for leveled and differentiated research

LMS Session 4

Technology Work order Procedures

  • How do I complete a Technology Work order request?
  • Click here to link to the work order request. You will need to sign in before you can request a work order.

TEG Feedback

Please complete the ERPD Feedback survey before you leave today. Let us know what was helpful so we can continue strategies that work, and what we can do to improve the quality of your future ERPD sessions. Thank you all for your time and your effort today and everyday!

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