Moments With Mrs. Parks

School Counselor

New Student and Bear Buddy Lunch

Thursday, Jan. 11, Bear Buddies will meet with students new to Bennett this year during their lunch time. Students may bring or purchase lunch as they normally do each day. We will meet in the cafeteria. All new students first through fifth grade are welcome.

January and February Character Traits

January - Fairness - Play by the rules, Take turns and share. Be open-minded; listen to others. Treat all people fairly.

February – Trustworthiness - Be honest. Do not deceive, cheat, or steal. Be reliable, do what you say you’ll do. Have the courage to do the right thing. Build a good reputation.

January and February Manner of the Week

January 9 - Do not take no for an answer if it is something you feel strongly about. Stand up for what you believe in and your morals.

January 16 - Congratulate someone when they win.

January 22 - Obey all rules when you have a substitute teacher.

January 29 - Do not interrupt; wait for speaker to finish.

February 5 - Communicate anger appropriately.

February 12 - Apologize without blame and accept them with respect.

February 20 - If someone is bothering you at school, let your teacher know. Don’t take matters into your own hands or you might end up in more trouble.

February 26 - If you win, don’t brag. If you lose, don’t show anger.