Digital Citizenship Project

Jaylie G. p.2

Top 7 rules of Citizenship project

1. Digital Etiquette: Be respectful online and around people-Dont be mean to others because it may hurt their feelings

2. Information Privacy: Don't share your personal information to people you don't know- If you share things that you don't want to share like your personal information then you may be in some trouble.

3. Social Networking: Stick to people you know and don't put things on the internet that you don't want anyone to see- Sharing things that you don't want others to see may put you in bad places in life than can commit to suicide and death.

4. Online Safety: Keep your identity a secret- On games or any process you may use that involves a username do not use your name or anything that describes you on the internet.

5. Cyberbullying: Be kind to others: You should be kind because others can fell sad about themselves and change their lifestyles and the way they do things which can male them very sad and upset.

6. Plagerizm: Give others credit or paraphrase-coping off of somebody without credit is bad which cad put a bad reparation on yourself also if you don't paraphrase make sure you at least put were you got the information from or whoever wrote it.

7. Copyright: People who make music, movies and more have to put out information and a legal law so people may see or use there ideas,pictures and more: before using any pictures, videos, etc. make sure it is able to be used between others

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is things you can do to be safe online. Digital citizenship has rules and ways you can be safe online as well how to be kind online. It is necessary for everyone to know about this because it would be a nice world and life for everyone if they were not being bullied about things online.I think everyone deserves to be treated with respect and everyone needs to be kind as well pause before they or even you post! Digital Citizenship should be shared with everyone so all can be treated nicely and nobody will be criticized about things that happen online. In conclusion Digital Citizenship should be shared with everyone so everyone can be treated kindly.
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