EAT Semester Exam

Makayla Pendley

TAFE/ Ed Rising and TRAFLES

T- So far for teaching/ classroom participation I have done mini lesson with my students. In this mini lesson the students had to read the book Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes, then they had to identify the different color shoes that Pete had have through out the book. Each group had 7 pieces of paper, one title page, one page for each shoe change and a then end page. On the shoe color changing pages the students had to draw a picture of the color of shoe Pete had. Once all the pages were finished I video taped the students reading off the story back to me.

R- Christmas Party

A- Made Christmas blocks for our site school teachers

F- Participated in selling cookie dough

L- Participated in putting together a break out session at region

E- University of Texas recruiters came and talked to us about their education program

S- I have not participated in any services activities yet, however I do plan on doing a bunch after State.

In TAFE I am apart of the scrapbook comitee in my BCTAL chapter and we have advinced to state which will be January 29th.

My Future as a Teacher

Spring 2016 I plan on taking my ACT & SAT. However i am very torn between my two dream schools, every since my freshman year i have fell in love with University of Arkansas I planed to not apply to any colleges in Texas, however when we had our College day at the BCTAL Stephen F. Austin was here talking to us about their Education Program and I FELL IN LOVE with that school. I have not really looked into Arkansas education program i guess which ever one has the better program will be the school for me. I also plan to go visit both schools this summer.