Edmond Doyle News 3-9-2017

Spring Break is here! We will celebrate our break from March 13th-17th. Please enjoy your special time with family and friends. When we come back we will have 2 weeks for our 3rd and 4th graders to prepare for their big test. Please help us help your children by having them to school on time, homework complete, and with plenty of rest. This can be a stressful time, but when everyone is prepared, the stress is much less. Students that know their material and know their strategies for test taking will do well.

Our first graders went to Ada to the McSwain Theater to see a live performance about Biscuit the dog. We were so proud of how well behaved our students were during the whole day. At the play and at the park, our children were awesome. It was a pleasure spending the day with them!

Our school will be going to S. Arch Auditorium tomorrow afternoon to watch, Beware the Jabberwock. The play will be performed by the McAlester High School drama team. We are very excited to get to see our high school kids in action. The cost of the play is $1.00. If you would like to help children that might not bring money, your kindness is always appreciated.

PTO will have a meeting tonight at 6:00.

Don't forget to bring $1.00 to wear a hat tomorrow and another $1.00 for 2 suckers. Our Pie in the Face contest will be tomorrow. You can still bring change to choose the person they want to get a pie in their face!

Our PTO fundraiser is started. Thank you for helping your child sell items. There are some nice things in the book and they are not too pricey! We always appreciate the help our families give us! The fundraiser will be over March 21st.

Spring Break-March 13th-17th

Spring Pictures-March 21st

2nd grade Outdoor Classroom-April 27th