Goodwill {Global}

Founded By Edgar Helms

what my individual has done to help the community.

Goodwill wants to bring the community together and they want to challenge each other to strive. and it really helps people who have little clothes.

how did it help?

http://goodwill.orgit would help people who had little money because it is inexpensive and if they had little clothes they could come to goodwill. and it helped people who had little of books,games,and a bunch of stuff

Backround info

his life

http://learningtoshare.orgHe was born in 1863 and .He was a son of Iowa farmers.And in college he got the highest grades.

what can you do.

you can ask neighbors if they know about it.And you can donate clothes,toys,puzzles,and donate books. For people who have little money.