Design Thinking in the Middle

ELMLE Pre-Conference Workshop, Jan. 24, 2013, Rome, Italy

Think Like a Designer and Learn How to Change Your World

Whether it's creating new lesson plans, finding new ways to teach content more effectively, or using classroom space differently, you're constantly asked to be creative.

Learn how to design the best solutions for yourself, your students, your school!

In our workshop we'll teach you how to think like a designer.

In this lively workshop you'll become exposed to design thinking and learn the the skills, tools, and mindsets needed to solve real-world challenges you face every day in your classroom and school.

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In our workshop you will

  • Work in teams addressing real-life challenges that middle-level educators face,
  • Learn the design thinking process, including strategies to gain better empathy into a situation,
  • Be taught effective brainstorming to find solutions to challenges, and
  • Practice techniques that bring solutions to reality.

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Design Thinking in the Middle @ European League for Middle Level Education (ELMLE) 2013 Conference

Thursday, Jan. 24th 2013 at 9am-3:30pm

415 Via Aurelia Antica


Crown Plaza Hotel Rome - St. Peter

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It's a workshop that's energy-filled and highly collaborative.

Teachers who attend our workshops feel overwhelmingly positive about their experience afterward. They report loving the process of interacting with teammates and the fact that they are pushed to think creatively.

You'll gain confidence in your ability to apply design thinking techniques to create new solutions to challenges in your school.

And you'll depart with a process that your students can use to enhance their own creative confidence to solve challenges they face!

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Facilitator: John Nash

Chief of Surprise and Delight

Laboratory on Design Thinking in Education (dLab)

University of Kentucky

Facilitator: Jennifer Rhodes

Teacher of Art

Leader of Learning -- Student Progress and Achievement

Head of Year 8

International School of Monaco