Espar Airtronic Auxiliary Heaters

Espar Airtronic Auxiliary Heaters Add Comfort and Safety

There’s nothing easy about the life of a long-haul trucker. Making runs from coast to coast, crossing multiple climates and spending weeks on end away from home is just plain tough. The miles ahead can go a little easier, however, where there are items onboard the rig designed to add comfort and safety both on every trip. Espar Airtronic auxiliary heaters fit both categories perfectly.

Espar heaters are designed to make rigs safer and more comfortable. These heaters operate independently of a truck’s onboard equipment and even draw from their own fuel supply to take some of the pressure off the engine. Here’s how an Espar Airtronic can assist with safety and comfort on the miles ahead:

Safety is Critical Over the Long Haul

Espar heaters don’t rely on a rig’s engine being on to provide warmth to an engine compartment or cabin. That means when traffic jams or unfavorable road conditions require long stops, there’s no reason to fear leaving a truck running to stay warm and safe no matter how cold it is outside. The auxiliary heater can be flipped on to provide warmth while the truck can be turned off for as long as it takes to wait out a storm or a traffic jam.

Adding to the safety this type of heater provides, it can also enhance a rig’s overall reliability. By operating solo of the engine, an Espar Airtronic can be left running all night to provide heat to the cabin and engine compartment. That means it’s much more likely a truck will start reliability even on those super cold mornings when getting going is normally tough. Some designs even offer remote activation, which means a heater can be turned on from the comfort of a home or hotel room so a truck can start up a short time later.

Comfort Delivered

Espar heaters enhance a rig’s overall safety to be sure, but they also provide comfort to drivers and passengers. This comfort can be delivered throughout an entire ride, over night or whenever an operator feels the need for extra heat beyond what the rig can deliver.

Wisely selected accessories can make covering the miles a whole lot easier for truckers. An Espar Airtronic is one of the must-have additions for any trucker whose routes take them through regions where the temperatures drop into those uncomfortably cold ranges.

About the Company

Lubrication Specialists is one of the leading suppliers of Espar Airtronic heaters. The company has been serving the trucking industry for years with reliable, essential gear for rigs.