Engineering the Future

March 15, 2023

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School Updates

Mission Avenue STEM Elementary: Mission Avenue is in the Middle of March Madness. The T-Birds are having a March Madness STEM Book Challenge, having every class read the recently purchased STEM books and vote for their favorite until they have determined our school's favorite title. Mr. Ramirez's class is studying the four forces of flight and studying the aerodynamics of dragons! The students are using the Design process to design and create kites!

Save the date: On Thursday, 5/4/23 from 4:00-6:00 pm Mission Avenue STEM Magnet will host their annual spring showcase with student work on display as well as fun demonstrations for attendees and families. Stop by to meet Science Girl, Storm Troopers, and other fun guests!

Garfield STEM Middle School: Garfield students took their second field trip to Air Force Research Labs for their TECH Mission. Students learned all about how AFRL builds satellites. Garfield is hosting a drone competition in the gym on March 18th! Stop by from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm to see the Grey Wolves pilots in action!

Save the date: On Thursday, 5/11/23 from 5:00-7:00 pm Garfield STEM Magnet will host a Noche de Sciencias with student work on display as well as fun demonstrations from community members like Sandia National Labs, Science Girl, and more for attendees and families.

Valley High School: Architecture Level 1 students are close to completing their original designs for a house and will continue with different drawings as part of a whole set for the house. Level 2 students are building large models of their 2 story homes. The Architecture Level 3 students are building models of various public buildings like an amphitheaters, gyms, or museums. Woods students have been busy working on the new wood lathes recently purchased. Upper level students are working in groups in a competition to see which group can make the best “keepsake box” using some new and some previously learned skills. Metals Level 1 classes are currently working on the Toolbox final project. Students have worked toward learning the skills, tools and safety to be able to execute this complex project. This project requires the students to do a scale drawing on graph paper and then transfer the drawing to the metal. Students will then cut and form into a toolbox. All level 1 classes will present their toolbox project at the Spring ETF Showcase in April.

Save the date: On 4/25/23 from 12:45-2:45 pm Valley STEM Magnet will host their annual spring showcase with student work on display from the Engineering the Future students.

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Free DNA Science Class kits!

This kit was created for groups of students working in a classroom or virtual environment. Materials provided allow for a teacher to create 32 single kits.

Looking for EVEN More at NASA?! Activity Toolkit: Engineering is Elementary's NASA Partnership free units - A suite of free NASA-funded STEM resources for students in grades 3-8. All resources are research-based and classroom-tested. They are designed to support students’ understanding of space, while helping them see themselves as capable problem solvers.

Junior Achievement offers a Career Speaker Series that takes place on the second Wednesday of every month! Or access Previous Episodes of Career Speaker Series on the JA YouTube Channel!

April 12th, @ 1:00 PM MT: National Financial Literacy Month CFO Panel

Women's History Month Resources

NGCP National Webinar "STEM Stories: Women's Experiences Advocating for Equity" - In this webinar recording, participants will hear from NGCP fellows about their experiences working on diverse projects, including the IF/THEN® Collection, NGCP Annual Survey, and supporting State Collaboratives.

A Mighty Girl "16 Women Scientists You Should Know" - In this blog post, we're sharing the stories of 16 historic female scientists who have blazed new trails in their disciplines. From determining the size of the universe to unlocking the secrets of the genetic code, these women have forever changed the way we see our world.

National Women's History Museum Digital Classroom Resources - Explore classroom-ready resources created by the Museum and through the "For Educators, by Educators" initiative. There are lesson plans, biographies, posters, primary sources, and more. You can search by topic, theme, or resource type. Select "STEM" from the topic menu for STEM-relevant resources.

Not the Science Type Docuseries - Not The Science Type gets to the heart of access and gender inequity in STEM education and STEM fields. This four-part docu-series features four female scientists who are challenging stereotypes and confronting gender, racial, and age discrimination as they rise to prominence.

Professional Development Opportunities

  1. Extraordinary Eggs: An Explora virtual workshop for early childhood teachers, OST professionals, and librarians (2 CEU hours) on April 13 from 2-4pm. Register here.
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Opportunities for Students

Girls Who Code’s Free Summer Programs

Apply now to Girls Who Code’s free summer programs with options running June 16 - August 11! They've got two great opportunities, so you can choose the one that fits your needs. Both programs introduce participants to inspiring industry professionals and unlock lifelong college and career support:

  • Their 2-week Summer Immersion Program (SIP) hosts current 9th-11th graders in live virtual classrooms led by industry-leading companies like Metlife, Bank of America, and Accenture. You’ll learn how to get creative with game design. By the end of the program, you’ll learn the fundamentals of game design, UX, the iterative design process, and more, as you build out a suite of short games using the p5.js library for JavaScript. You can even apply for laptop and hotspot access and grants of up to $300 for financial support!
  • Their Self-Paced Program gives current 9th-12th graders the flexibility to learn to code through independent study and real-world projects. By the end of the program, you’ll earn beginner-level certificates of completion in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript for web development or intermediate-level certificates of completion in Python for Cybersecurity or Data Science.

Click here and submit yours now!

Applications are due by March 24, 2023.
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