Why is finishing a book so sad?

Or book series, or movie, or t.v. series.. ?

The sadness is real..

If you're like me, then reading a good book is an enjoyable and relaxing stress reliever. Getting all wrapped up in a book and having the desire to stay up and finish the chapter (heck, let's be honest the whole book if it's good enough) is very easy to do. If you've fallen into this trap before, you would know that when you hit three o'clock and the last five pages, you want to know how it all ends but even more, you just don't want it to end. So your only option is to finish it and then comes a hint of sadness when you read the last sentence on the page but, why?

While this topic hasn't been researched very much, it is very real. People can sometimes feel depressed after reading a good book, or finishing a t.v. series. And many people agree that it is because we get invested in these people's lives and very attached to the characters. Whether it's a t.v. series or book, we spend a lot of time getting to know these people and we visit them often to learn more about them and their story, whether it be reading another chapter or watching the newest episode. And when it's over we're left in the dust wanting to learn more about these people because we like them, but they are gone.

How do we fix this problem? Well some would suggest to watch the shows over again or read the books again, but this method does'n't work very well because our minds already know this information. The only time this method will work is if we seemed to miss something the first time we read or watched these stories play out. It's a lot better with a new chapter or episode because our brain is receiving new information. Maybe a better suggestion would be to move on and read another book or find another t.v. series, there are plenty of great options out there! (I feel like I'm giving relationship advice) Good luck! :)

Fun Fact: while researching, I found that most people seem to have this problem with the Avatar T.V. series and Harry Potter.

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