Color Psychology!

Callista Allen


Red in general can mean passion, love, violence, or anger. Although in Asia, it means good luck and in Japan most children draw a red circle for the sun. When looking at this color your attention is immediately grabbed and it is one of the colors that stand out the most. Also, in China, brides wear red for their wedding because white has a meaning of death. Also, when red tinted contacts were put on chickens, they ate and fought less as well as produced more.


Orange in general mean excitement, adventure, energy, and good health. In the U.K. it has a strong religious and political significance. In Hinduism it is a sacred color. When looking at an orange object, that object is set apart from everything else making it more noticeable.


In general, yellow can mean happiness, optimism, creativity, madness, and betrayal. In Russia, an insane asylum was sometimes referred as a "yellow house". We process yellow first, making anything yellow very noticeable. Yellow is the most fatiguing color as well as the most cheerful one.


Green has a general meaning of growth, rebirth, and fertility. In China, when a man wears a green hat, it means his wife is cheating on him. 99% of color blind people can't see green or red. In most western cultures, green is considered sacred although there is a saying that goes: "married in green, ashamed to be seen."


Blue has a general meaning of trust, loyalty, cleanliness, and understanding. In Spain and Italy, "prince charming" is referred to as the "blue prince". We perceive images that are blue as preceding or smaller. Blue is a color that can suppress your appetite, so people on a diet should paint their kitchen blue. Blue is also the number one choice of color for people's toothbrush.


Purple generally can mean something mysterious, magical, dignity, or royalty. In Italy, most performing artists will refuse to go on stage if they are wearing anything purple. Purple is one of the hardest colors for the eye to discriminate.
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Pink could show the meaning of something delicate or romantic. In Belgium, they dress boys in pink and girls in blue. When looking at pink it has a calming effect. On an experiment they did, they painted a jail pink to see how it will affect the violence of the prisoners; it calmed them down for a little bit but after a while they became even more violent than they were before.

After Image

An after image happens after you focus on a brightly lit image for a prolonged period of time. When you look away, you will see the inverse of that image. This happens because your eyes are tired and strained from looking at a bright image for a prolonged period of time.

Interesting Facts:

-over 80% of visual information is related to color

-most of the time companies aren't allowed to copyright colors because it would lead to a depletion of all the attractive colors in each product line

-The five Olympic circles were chosen as those colors because at least one of those colors appears in every flag