Automotive Technician

Luis Rodriguez

Carrer Description

The job of an Automitive Technician is to inspect, maintain, and repair cars and light trucks. There are many possibilities of going up on your career. For example you can move on to body shop, street performance, and even painting the cars.

Duties and Responsibilities

Auto mechannics have to test parts of the vehicles to make sure they are working properly. They also have to change the oil, rotate tires, check fluids.

Education Requirements

To become an automotive technician you only need an associates degree, but if you have a higher degree you are more eligible for hire.

Job Outlook

Automotive technician jobs are increasing. As more cars are getting on the streets, the more problems there would be. Automotive technician are a great help all over the world although, there are some mechanics that would lie and steal from you.

Sallary & Work Environment

The yearly salary for an average automotive technician would be $36,000, but the more you rank up the more you get paid. As for the work environment there are many dangers if you don't know what you are doing or if the person you're working with doesn't know what he/she is doing. other than that it is safe.

Related Courses and Experience

You don't really need experience to be an automotive technician, but someone with work experience would be more likely to be hired against someone with no experience. The more experience better the pay.

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