Pathfinders WebEx-Mon.2-10@9PM/CST

Topic: "Nikken- The First Home Career!"

Pathfinders WebEx

Monday, Feb. 10th 2014 at 9-10pm

This is an online event.

On this Webex we will cover every aspect of how the most advanced chance to work from home the world has ever seen works. If you are in Nikken, evaluating doing so, or in another Home Business and just want to "look", we look forward to having you there!

We will make it fun and easy to understand as we share how a company truly trying to make the world a better place can give you the power to "Be More"!

We will cover:

Why would you want to work for yourself?

Why residual income is necessary for your freedom

Why Nikken?

How our products and business work together for YOU

The mechanics of the Compensation Plan

How to begin!

To Access the WebEx:

Go to Home Page or

click/copy the following link:

Password is "Freedom1"

Audio Conference Access # is 805-399-1200 pin 954541

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