Newsletter 8th November 2021

Holy Cross Catholic School Papatoetoe

Our Vision: Learning and Growing in Christ

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa, Talofa Lava, Malo e Lelei, Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Kia Orana, Hola como Estas, Marhaba, Greetings to you all.
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Jesus teaches the disciples that the woman gave more than the rich. She would have had no source of income after her husband's death. Therefore, the two small copper coins were all she had - and yet she offered them to God.

This teaches that a gift to be valuable in the sight of God is not solely determined by the face amount of it. The motive, attitude, and financial condition of the giver are taken into consideration. It encourages us not to withhold our gifts to the Lord, because of thoughts that they would not do much good. This widow’s attitude is where she shines. Her willingness to give, although she had so very little tells us that her heart was in the right place; this was a woman who wanted to give in spite of what it might cost her.

This poor widow teaches us much about giving, and she primarily teaches that it’s how we give, not so much that we give. Yet, there is something we can give that is quite important: We can give our lives. It’s not possible to give our lives to the Lord Jesus without the proper attitude... something perhaps to reflect on.

Online Learning

ALL children from Years 3 – 8 are expected to be online at 9am each day for their online meeting where their teacher will mark the roll for the class. Any children not online will be marked as absent.

Scholastic Book Club

Below is the link to the Book Club catalogue number 7. Families can order using the book club link and pay then the books will be delivered to your homes.

Return to School

We are currently awaiting instructions from the Ministry of Education regarding a return to school for the children. We will advise you as soon as we know.