"The Elephant and the Mouse"

Once upon a time, there was elephant. The elephant was strolling around, and seeing if he could find someone to play with. There was also a mouse. The Elephant and the mouse did not know each other, but the mouse was also finding someone to play with. Finally the elephant and the mouse ran into each other. The mouse bounced off of the elephants foot. "Owe!", screamed the mouse. The elephant went over to the mouse and apologized. After a while, the mouse ended up playing with the elephant. They were playing tag. The elephant was very hard to catch, because he was so big, and he could get around farther even when he had only taken two steps, and it would have taken the mouse 20. The mouse was also very hard to catch, because he was so small, and he could make sharper turns faster. Later they got lunch and walked back to their houses.

On their way home, the mouse heard a very loud noise. He thought for a second, and then new right away that it was the elephant. The mouse ran as fast as he could toward the noise. He found a man pulling the elephant into a truck! The mouse ran into the man's pants, and bit his leg. The man immediately let go of the elephant, and cried like a baby. "Thank you", said the elephant. For the rest of their days, they grew older together, and they never left each others side.


Always help a friend when they are in need.