Newsletter- Weeks of Dec 7 and 14

What's coming up before the Winter Break in 1E!

This week and next week...

Week of December 7: International Week

Sunday: World Language, Library

Monday: MSArabic/Explore Time, PE, Music: National Dress Day, Opening Ceremony

Tuesday: Art, World Language, Guest Reader (slot available): Sports Jersey Day, Arabic Mothers' Association Booth

Wednesday: PE, World Language, Guidance: Qatar Colors, International Buffet

Thursday: Art, Music, International Week T-Shirt Day, Closing Ceremony

Week of December 14

Sunday: World Language, Library

Monday: MSArabic/Explore Time, PE, Music

Tuesday: FULL DAY, Art, World Language, Activity Day

Wednesday: PE, World Language, Tech, 1st Grade Holiday Rotations, Sing Along, PTA Holiday Party

Thursday: No School- Qatar National Day

Winter Break- December 18-January 3

PE and National Dress Day Tomorrow

Since many costumes for national dress are very intricate and special, I have told students to wear their PE uniforms and PE shoes to school tomorrow and pack their national dress outfits. We have a 20 minute slot before lunch where we will all change into our national dress outfits. Thanks!

Are you leaving early for break?...

Please let me know if you are leaving early for the break. We have a number a activities coming up and some end of unit assessments I would like to plan for. Thanks for letting me know!

Tardies- Please arrive by 8am

Please be sure to arrive to school on time. I am aware that traffic can be bad, but we have been asked to send any students who arrive after 8am (even 8:05am) to the office for a Tardy slip. Thank you for your cooperation.

Social Studies

This week we are starting a new unit in Social Studies: The World Around Us. We will be looking at:

  • what are wants vs. needs
  • what do we know about this environment?
  • deserts vs. grasslands
  • rain forests vs. tundra

Science Wrap-Up

We are wrapping up our Earth Materials Science Unit. We will do a reflection for our portfolio and discuss what we learned about Earth Materials.

Holiday Activities

We will be doing holiday writing, reading with holiday books, looking at holiday traditions around the world, and having a lot of fun this holiday season. As we wrap up our current units we will be doing holiday activities through the subject areas, which will take us right up till the break. There will be a lot of fun learning going on in first grade!

Playground Reminder

We would like to remind you that the elementary playgrounds are closed until 3:15pm. Once the playground opens at 3:15 all students must be supervised directly by a parent or an adult. Thank you for your support.