Top 5 Girl's Choice Band Members

#5 Zayn Malik

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The reason i have chosen this as my number 5 band member is because he is one of my favorite band members. He is not my very favorite but he is one of them. He is not really my number 5, he is tied with 3 other band members.

#4 Harry Styles

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This is my #4 choice band member because he is a very good singer. He is in the tie with the other 2. I decided to make him my #4 because he is a strong, clear singer and he is the main singer in his band. He is a favorite of most fans.

#3 Louis Tomlinson

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This is my #3 band member because he is very funny. He is the funniest band member and he can sing well. He doesn't sing as much as everyone else though.

#2 Niall Horan

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This is my second choice because he is very funny and a good singer. Also, he is the only one in the band from a different country. He does not sing as much as everyone else does in the band, but he still gets the option to sing for some songs.

#1 Liam Payne

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Liam is my favorite band member because he is, in my opinion the best singer in the band. He is more serious than everyone else, but he still has a great personality. He sings the most, but Harry sings more than Liam.