Coffee Shop

  1. They end up unsuccessful, because the lack of Genvine passion, failure to achieve economic sustantainitibily, offering to wide menu, poor staffing and too obsessed with profits.
  2. What will take to start up is to:
  • create a solid business plan.
  • take the time to find the right building.
  • create a floor plan.
  • hire an account.
  • get a local help for funding.
  • save money for your own expenses.
  • shop around for everything .
  • start marketing before you open.
  • do not just focus in the interior of building.
  • have positive actitude.
  • hire slowly.
  • be demanding.
3. Type of equipment:

  • esproseso equipment.
  • coffee equipment.
  • forniture.
  • electrical and plumbing needs. 4. Demographic.
  • gender equally divided
  • consumers 35 years and older tend to consume more coffee than the 18-25 age group. 5. A small business owner because if it does not go that well, I can close it. 6. I still would like to own my own because I can make the decision oh how to made it productive and successful.