appreciate before its gone..

by: Julie Polevaya

one regular sunday morning....UNTIL!!!!!!!!

One regular Sunday morning my mom was singing a solo at church. My mom sings at church every Sunday, but one particular Sunday when my mom sang at church I wasn’t paying attention I was just talking to my friends and passing notes. Then suddenly there was a big boom. Everyone instantly looked up all the other kids my age where staring at me. I was confused because I couldn’t see the stage and didn’t know where my mom went, so I halfway stood up and saw my mom laying on the ground. I was extremely nervous. In fact I thought my mom died at that moment and I was in fourth grade so I didn’t really understand much that was going on.

What happend next!!!!

I see my dad run from the choir and lift her up and run out. It was really silent while people ran out with my mom. After about 3 seconds all you can here is whisperers, I couldn’t help but cry. Everything was happening in slow motion. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. Lots of people where looking over at me just to see my reaction, but I covered my face with my hands not wanting anyone to see me cry. I saw my aunt looking at me and I walk up to her and she comforts me and we both walk out to find my mom.