More items that are expencive

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Watch Ali-a unbox a regular Loot crate, you get that and more Like a costume head phone code, and other expensive geeky Iteams

Thesis items are made only by loot crate and loot crate + will give you than you barged for. The same rules apply and more

Special offer

For you first month get your loot create + for just $75 Deal expires 12/31/15

This months theme (May 2015) Unite!

This is updated every month for the theme, based on the theme is what you will get in you loot crate +

Next loot crate+

Wednesday, May 20th, 12am

your house

This is the date when the next loot crate is released, and the members of loot crate+ will get their crate the same day but will get a bigger box with the same items and more!

Subscriptions for loot crate+

1 Month: $113.95 and $6 S/H, Per month

3 Month: $113.25 and $6 S/H Per month

6 Month: $12.95 and $6 S/H Per month

1 year: $11.95 and $6 S/H Per month

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