Educational Resources for Teachers

Links and resources to help you in your classroom!

Surfing the Net with Kids

If you are interested in educational activities for your family or students, this is the place to be! This site offers many different sites and resources to be able to integrate technology and many other tools in the classroom!

What Teachers Make

This is a wonderful video to share with fellow teachers that is inspiring to watch and make you feel thankful you picked education as your profession!

What Teachers Make Final Moviebk2 0001

Thinglink in the Classroom

This is a great interactive tool to be able to use in any classroom! You are able to add hot spots to any picture with links to certain websites that you deem worthy for your classroom. I would highly recommend this tool for any classroom to really get your kids interacted and is an easy tool for students and teachers


This resource is wonderful for students to use and be able to use technology in the classroom. They can make a video that includes Youtube videos, photos, and can even include their own voice. This would be a great tool to use for a group project and then they could just play it for their presentation. Watch the how to video below for how to set one up!

Meograph how-to video (old)


This is a great way to use words in a fun way! If you are looking for students to make posters for a presentation, what better way than to make it really appealing and make it easy by using this easy website. They can pick any topic or this can even be a good get to know you activity and they can make a poster all about themselves. The possibilities are endless!


This tool is great for students to make presentations. However, unlike PowerPoint, this site is more appealing to the eye and is easy and fun to navigate.


This amazing tool allows you to be able to take a video and crop it, add your voice to it, and embed questions for your students!

Imagine K12 EDpuzzle


This is a great tool to use for your students to look up helpful ideas that interest them. This is also an awesome tool for teachers because this is where we can get a lot of our ideas! You can create many boards and "pin" things you like to the according board! Explore as much as you like...Here is the link to mine below!


This website is a great tool for looking at different resources for your classroom! You can browse my grade level, different blogs, and even classroom guides! I would recommend this site to anyone for good resources.

Teaching Channel

This is a great site for videos needed for your classroom. You can even connect with other teachers and see what teachers in your content have used. I really like how you can explore my content to find the right video that matches your classroom perfectly! Check it out here!!

Google Drive (Docs)

This is one of my favorite tools because it's a great opportunity for teachers and even students to collaborate all on one document. Everyone can work on one document at the same time and add and delete things instead of having to email back and forth. What an amazing collaboration tool!


This is an awesome site to help find videos that are school appropriate for your classroom! Being a family and consumer science teacher, I wanted to find a video that showed students that if they took my class, there are many opportunities for them to be able to find successful jobs in the future. Take a look around and see if you can't find a video that's right for you!


If you are ever looking for inspirational videos...look no further because here is the place for you! This website is wonderful for finding videos that is inspiring for you and your students!