Technology Spiraling Out Of Control

The Effects of Technology On Students Learning

Thesis Statement

"Students in the classroom needs to sharpen their pencils and leave their laptops at home unless they can follow strict rules for in-class use of their computers."


Teachers being active about Use of Technology

Dr.Stephen Von Wyrick is a professor at Mary Hardin-Baylor. He among a growning number of teachers that have found that the use of technology is a distraction when it comes to students doing their school work, but he admitts that he only "allows his students to use their laptops when taking notes and even then the students have to follow strict rules.

Technology In School

Trying to Beat the System

It Is Possible

In some schools some students have been able to hack into the grading system and change their grades and other things, so that if their parents do end up seeing their grades they believe their child is doing good.