What are the dangers of floods

by: Isa Martinez & Elizabeth Hernandez

What is a flood?

Floods are an overflow of water that submerges when land is usally dry. For example the Buffilo Lake. When it rains hard the lake over flows.

What are the negative on the environment or ecosystem for floods?

Floods may overflow river such as The Red River. It could also flood your house and destroy everything in its way. The after effects is that everything is wet.

some examples of a realy big flood

you may have to get some towles

How does it negativly effect people?

the flood may move your car, so try to stay off the road. The flood can happen unexpectedly happen in the regions below. Some can be predicted.

be carefull with floods!!!!!!!!

the only thing positive thing about the flood is that it helps the soil. So dont trust them! the most regions in texas that are effected is the ones on the coastal regions. So plan an escape and buld a flood wall. So dont end up like boulder canyon,colorado. The people had a bad effect some were dead and very few lived.