The Sewing Machine!

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The brand new Sewing Machine!

This sewing machine is a great, new invention and this is how it works:

-This machine has a needle with a hole at the tip to string the thread through, then you push the pedal to make the machine go! Now the machine is stitching the two pieces of cloth into one!

-The great inventor was Elias Howe

-He had created this in the year 1845

-In the category of industrial

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More information?!

Lets say the Sewing Machine will be the envy of your friends once its in your possession! This machine doesn't only sew together clothes but it may even sew you into a closer bond with your family! (The Sewing Machine uses its sharp point needle to puncture through the cloth along with the thread creating a loop grabbing onto the bottom thread pulling it to the top in a few quick moments then repeating over and over until finished.)
the invention of the sewing machine

From my house to yours, the Sewing Machine.

Sewing Seams

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