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News from Room 304

Science: Studying Fish

Over the last few weeks we have welcomed a goldfish and betta fish to our classroom as we began our newest science unit about fish. We started our unit by being scientists and observing our classroom fish. We drew and labeled both the goldfish and the betta fish to get a better understanding of the parts of a fish. Throughout the unit, we will be comparing different kinds of fish and the environments that they live in.

Goal Setting: "Whole Body Listeners"

Several weeks ago we set a class goal to be respectful listeners during instruction so that we can do our best learning. At Pond Cove we often refer to "whole body listening," meaning that your body is still, your voice is off, you are thinking about what is being said, and your eyes are on the speaker so that your whole body is engaged in learning.

As a class we completed a "PDCA," which stands for plan, do, check, and adjust. With respectful whole body listening as our goal, we decided to try to earn a pajama day for meeting our goal. To see if we were meeting our goal, we have started an "Interrupt-o-meter" every time our class is together for learning (morning meeting, math, writer's workshop, etc). If there are interruptions from our learning, the interrupt-o-meter loses a dot. If our class can keep our dots during a block of instruction, we earn a star, and 20 stars means we get to have a class PJ day! We are only a few stars away from meeting our goal, so be on the lookout for an upcoming PJ day. Please feel free to talk to your child about how he/she is working to help our class meet our goal!

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Last week we had fun dressing in our greenest clothes and celebrating St. Patrick's Day! We read many St. Patrick's Day books, and there sure was a lot of chatter about sneaky leprechauns. In fact, when we returned to our classroom after our Allied Arts on Tuesday, we found that a leprechaun had stopped by! He left us shamrocks with secret messages on them, which we discovered after painting them with green watercolors.

How To Writing -- It's a Wrap!

Our class finished our Writer's Workshop unit about how-to writing last week. We were so proud of our how-to books and have grown so much as writers since the beginning of the school year. We have been working hard to add lots of details to our pictures and words when writing. Our writers have also been working on making their writing easy to read by using lowercase letters, finger spaces, and all of their letter sounds (including those tricky vowels). I am excited to share some of the how-to writing with you at our upcoming conferences.

Beach Day Fun

This Friday was Beach Day at Pond Cove School. During our Daily 5 literacy block, we took out our beach towels and did some reading "in the sun!" We practiced writing our word wall words in sand on sand trays. We also celebrated by doing some fun beach-themed dance breaks. Surfs up!

Friendly Reminders

Allied Arts for Week of March 23 -

Monday - Music/Library

Tuesday - Library/Music

Wednesday - Art

Thursday - Computers


Please try to remember sneakers for gym days and library books for our library days.

Parent Teacher Conferences

This week will start our parent teacher conferences. Please let me know if you need a reminder about the date/time of our conference. I look forward to meeting with you all soon!

Contact Information

I hope that these newsletters will give you some great discussion starters to use with your child at home. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time!