1936 Berlin Olympics

By: Jadeyja Daniels


The 1936 Berlin Olympics were used for propaganda purposes by the the Nazi's in Germany. With this, they were able to convey the idea that they were of a new, strong, united Germany while not showing the underlying issues. Also, this gave them the opportunity to return into the world community after their defeat in World War. For the first time in History, the olympics were boycotted by those in Europe and the US because of the abuse of human rights. Although it did fail it did serve an important message for future campaigns to make a point of human rights abuse in host countries.

Time Line of Events

Before 1933 - World War I

From 1914-1918 the first World War occurred. After this time, it set Europe back drastically by sending the whole continent into devastation and years of struggle. Europe experience millions of deaths by soldiers and civilians along with a dramatic damage to property and industry.

1933 - 1945

After world war one and all the struggle, Germany got a way back in to the spheres of the world with them being granted to hold the 1936 Olympics. The Germans, and Hitler were able to use propaganda to mask all the underlying issues. Hitler being the Leader of the Nazi party, started to establish concentration camps, imprisoning political opponents, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses and many others. This was just the beginning of something bigger, soon enough their was the uprising of the Holocaust, mass genocide, of Jewish people. The Jewish people had to undergo the taking of their land, they had to wear identifying armbands, ghettos and forced-labor camps were established. As World War II approached, the Nazi's intensified its pursuit and killed millions of Jews by using posing gas.

After 1945

In total, the Nazi Party contributed to the mass murder of 6 million Jews. After War World II allied troops discovered the horrors hidden behind the concentration camps. There were piles of corpses, bones, and human ashes, as well as, thousands of survivors, Jewish and non, suffering from starvation and disease. Those who survived had to deal with the tremendous pain and hunting memories. Their was not many possibilities available for emigration those left were placed in displaced person camp. In the many years to follow, many were out on trial for the acts committed.

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