Quality Control In The Conversion Process Of VHS to DVD

In the escalating trend of highly upgraded technological gadgets, which excels one another everyday, the situation of VHS hardly seems promising. To be sure, the concept and practice of recording on VHS tapes is sadly a dying trend. With the introduction of recording videos in DVD format, which is easy to handle, carry and work with, the necessity to convert those old family tapes to a more convenient and modern DVD files has cropped up. It is known that the longest period of a VHS tape lasting is roughly up to 20 years, after which your precious memories are in danger of being lost in oblivion. To prevent that from happening, it is recommended that you convert all those stacked away, old, moldy tapes in VHS to DVD format, which is digitized, convenient and definitely more lasting.

To make the process of conversion user-friendly, you would require a few equipments and a certain basic knowledge about the details about the conversion process to make sure that your conversion goes not only smooth but also retains, and if possible, enhance the quality of your videos. The few things you need to acquire for your conversion process are as follows.

  • A personal computer or laptop: It is highly significant to acquire a relatively decent working computer or laptop with a Windows XP/7/8 or Apple OS/X operating system installed to make the process viable.
  • RCA connector cable: This is simply for the purpose of connecting the computer to the VCR player.
  • A VCR player: Any general VCR player which can play the VHS tapes of your format will be enough.
  • A Video Capture Device: This can be stated as a cable device that is utilized for the conversion of the analog information that are embedded in the VHS tapes to be stored in the hard drive.
  • A good Video Editing Software: Although many free and cheap video editing software can easily be found on the internet, it is advisable to use a professional video editing software that will enable you to record and save videos from the aforementioned capture device, provides you with the option of editing it before burning it in DVD.
  • DVD burner and blank discs: Any internally installed or external portable DVD burner can make your VHS to DVD conversion successful. However opting for DVD-R discs for storing your videos are a lot more safer option as these types of DVD can be played on almost any type of DVD player.

This is undoubtedly, a pretty inexpensive and easy-to-follow procedure of VHS to DVD conversion for any average man to handle.