Meal Delivery Program begins Monday

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Meal Delivery Program

As you might have read in Dr. Terranova's newsletter, the district is going to be providing send-home breakfasts and lunches free to all students at the end of each in-person school day. Elementary parents must opt out of this program if they are not interested. The program begins on Monday, February 1st.

The food service department will be working with VECS staff to deliver these meals to classrooms starting at 2:15. It would be helpful if parents communicated this change with their little ones so that it does not surprise them on Monday when they are carrying home a bag of food. Blue cohort students will be bringing home food on both Mondays and Tuesdays and gold cohort students will be bringing home food on both Thursdays and Fridays. For our fully remote students, food service will be delivering to homes on Wednesdays. For fully remote families who have not been picking up food at the concession stand, please call 924-3252 extension 6471 to sign up for this food delivery.

The opt out form can be found on the food services website, which is included in the link below.

Upcoming assessments

We are just finishing up with assessments for our first graders who are fully remote. Next up is assessments for kindergarten and pre-k students. Parents should have received an email from the classroom teacher with a link for signing up.

We are striving to increase communication with remote students and their families. I would like to remind our remote families that the expectation is that students will join the Wednesday zoom sessions and that they will also submit a writing piece and a math flipgrid video once for each two-week cycle. Did you know also that your child can interact on the reading platform RAZ kids? Many of our remote students are not taking advantage of this great tool, so please look into it.

Contact me

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