Waiting For Godot:

by: Mildred, Lupe, Maritza and Leo


He is one of the main characters who is poor, he has a bladder problem witch causes him to be in pain when he goes to the bathroom and when he laughs. He is also extremely religious he tends to refer to the bible a lot.


From reading the book Waiting for Godot we can infer that Vladimir is a poor man. In the book it said “Oh pardon! I could have sworn that was a carrot…make it last, that’s the end of them” (Beckett 2).This shows us how Vladimir and Estragon are struggling food wise. Due to them not having enough money they limit themselves on the food they can eat. Also from the film we can see that Vladimir is poor because of the clothes he is wearing. The clothes were dusty, ripped and not in good condition. His skin color also seemed very pal because of the malnutrition he suffers from daily. From the pain described on page 1 when Vladimir says “no one ever suffers but you. I don’t count. I’d like to hear what you’d say if you had what I have.” we can infer Vladimir is poor because he is poor because while he is using the facilities he is in pain and needs medical attention but doesn’t have the money to go get it.


In the book Waiting For Godot Vladimir has hope that Godot will show up, in the book he has a conversation with Estragon. Estragon said "let's go" Vladimir said "we can't" Estragon reply "why not" Vladimir answered him with "we're waiting for Godot" (Beckett 6). This shows how Vladimir some education, in school they sometimes teach you not to give up, to keep going. He doesn't lose faith in Godot showing up by the tree. In the quote it shows how he is hopeful because he doesn't want to abandon the place he has hope that in any time Godot will show up.


In the book Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett, Vladimir end up talking a lot about the bible he stated "Our Saviour. Two thieves. One is supposed to have been saved and the other ... damned" (Beckett). This quote shows how he is very religious, he asked a lot of questions Estragon didn't know how to answer. We can predict that Vladimir was probably raised in a religious family. As he got older his parent probably gave him a lot of lectures that were from the bible.