Fall Out Boy's New Style

Punk Band has Taken A New Route

Before & After The Hiatus

In the past, Fall Out Boy's emo, metal tactics seemed to appeal to any teenager who was tired of the mainstream vibe. Upon the release of their newest album, Save Rock & Roll, it seems that they've taken on a different approach. All of them have become dads except for vegan drummer, Andy Hurley. Fans seem to think that they’re not punk rockers anymore. True, they do have a highly mainstream hit "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark," and they've featured with some familiar faces on on Save Rock And Roll, Including Courtney Love, Big Sean, Elton John, and Foxes.

Pete's Cleanup

When the band first started, divorced guitarist Pete Wentz was into drug-abuse. He managed to cleanup after his son, Bronx, was born. He relapsed soon after the hiatus began, but he later realized that the drugs weren't worth it. He now is eyeliner-free and is happily living with his girlfriend of two years, Meagan Camper, while sharing custody of Bronx with his ex wife, Ashlee Simpson.