RECORDED ZOOM for Stars to be!

Your recorded call & Weekly challenge! Mani,Pedi or Blowout?

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Your recorded ZOOM chat for STARS and STARS to be! Click below!

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Your ZOOM Challenge of the WEEK! Complete all 4 to be entered to win a MANI-PEDI or Blowout on me!

WEEK TWO CHALLENGE! If you missed our zoom call last night, it's recorded for you above ! Let's take ACTION this week and celebrate your success! Complete this week's challenge and you not only be a step closer to STAR, you will be earning more money, and you will be entered to win a Mani-Pedi or blowout from me! ($50 gift card to use to relax and celebrate your hard work!) And if you live close to me, I'll join you and bring you a latte!)

Simply complete the 4 steps this week and post on the SKY FULL OF STARS PAGE ( by Next MONDAY night so we can celebrate you and the action you took to get closer to star or Star heart of leadership and above. We will announce one winner at our next ZOOM call for Main-Pedi or Blowout. This is not an easy task, but promoting to STAR, earning $1000 bonus and growing your paycheck is not EASY. It requires dedication and ACTION. You can do it! I believe in you! I am going to be completing each task with you.


- 1. BOOK at least 4 new Strategic TRUNK SHOWS, with those hosts that you want to offer the opportunity to, Hosts that you want to flip to stylists after your show. Don't overthink it, just do it! (one show must be in FEB, the other 3 can be in March)

-2. Print out the 90 day plan and post in your bathroom, office, or your kitchen in a place you can SEE each morning to remind you where you are headed. You might even want to put a picture of something you will buy or do to celebrate when you are s star or Heart of Leadership STAR and above! Is it a new dress? I pair of shoes to walk across the stage at hoopla? Having a visual of where you are going and how you are celebrating your success will help you stay on track.

-3.FIND a pacing partner or trio that you can pace with from now until you all reach your goal of star. No one left behind. I have some great ideas if you need help with who to pace with! Ask me!

-4.Have coffee in person with at least 2 people this week that you think would be great stylists. Learn from Heather MacHugh Cooper's call last week, and do what she did. Share the opportunity over coffee, send them a video on "our story" and then send then a thank you note with a starbucks card, asking them to meet you next week to get signed up over coffee,

(after you have booked your shows, found a pacing partner, invited two to coffee and printed your 90 day plan, POST " I AM A STAR" in our SKY FULL OF STARS page to be entered to win a MANI_PEDI or blow out. Let's all take action and cheer each other on. You ladies are our next leaders and you can do it! xoxo


The key to building your team, earning more, promoting and growing as a leader is SPONSORING! Where will you find your team? It's not as difficult as you might think! Trunk shows! Did you know your hosts are the most likely to join your team?

Did you know that if your host signs up to be a Stylist on YOUR team BEFORE she redeems her hostess rewards, her rewards DOUBLE! That's right! AMAZING opportunity for your hosts to receive a TON of Jewelry! They must use the same email address as they used in the lounge under their hostess contact info and they MUST sign up on your team BEFORE they redeem their rewards. Hostess rewards then transfer to their stylist account as a store credit and at checkout their rewards DOUBLE. Ask me or your upline for questions!
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Share "Our story" below from YOUTUBE to your potential stylists!

Our Story | 2015
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