B.A.B. Newsletter 2014

Cairn Enactus' Successful Semester

Dear B.A.B. Members,

Cairn Enactus wishes to thank you for all of the help you have given our team throughout the years. We have had a busy semester in which we did a large variety of project. We are looking forward to another exciting spring semester. The presentation team has been selected, and we will begin practicing in January. Competition will take place in St Louis, Missouri from April 13-16th. We look forward to seeing you at the next B.A.B meeting. Below we have described the progress we have had in each of our projects this past semester. Cairn Enactus wishes you a Happy Holiday season.


Adam N. Martin

Matthew Benedict, Project Chair Langhorne Coffee House:

The Langhorne Coffee House project partnership (in particular the Hot Dog Cart project) came to a standstill when our application to Walmart for a $1500 grant to the fund the project was refused in early October. Tracey has been very busy running the Coffee House. We will be meeting in the near future to review and discuss how Cairn Enactus students can further help build and implement her Hot Dog Cart idea or assist her business in some other way. This summer saw the successful launch of the hot dog cart and also some unforeseen limitations on the project. The future goals of the LCH project partnership will become clear when we interact with Tracey in the upcoming year and consider continuing with the cart project or take Cairn Enactus’ partnership with her in another direction.

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Shelby Hoffman, Project Chair R.I.D.E.:

Currently, I am at the beginning stages of planning for RIDE and am going to begin sending emails to the speakers and interviewers next week. I have two major goals that I would like to accomplish in order to expand this project both throughout Cairn University and within the nearby community. First, I am planning to contact other departments, such as the deans of the music, psychology, education, and social work departments to bring various majors to RIDE. During the first day of the event, I am considering a way to include break-out sessions after the speakers for the majors to separate and focus on key aspects of the interview processes in their specific careers. Additionally, I am also planning to reach out to Bucks County Community College and invite their students to the RIDE seminar as well. For each of the tasks that need to be done, I also have a written plan as I enter the beginning stages of this project. The dates for RIDE are February 14th and 28th.

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Amy Campbell, Project Chair Let’s Can Hunger:

This year our Can-O-Treating event was revised and better than ever! We had about 40 students come out on Halloween Night to collect cans! We collected 1100 cans totaling 600 pounds of food. We also had an on campus After Thanksgiving Food Drive that was also successful in raising 60 cans, which was larger than any on campus food drive in the past. Upon the spring semester we will be drafting our cookbooks and planning an event for the spring. We will be taking all of your ideas in consideration as we plan for the spring.

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Christian Hough, Project Chair Terracycle:

Cairn Enactus hosted a community e-waste collection drive with recycling pioneer TerraCycle, Inc. on November 22nd. E-Waste collected included Cell Phones, iPods, MP3 Players, Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, Tablets, iPad, eReaders, Digital Cameras and Camcorders, GPS units, and Graphing Calculators. Residents dropped off their unwanted items on campus to keep them out of landfills and successfully reduce e-waste in the Bucks county area. Through this drive we were able to collect 636 items from the local community.

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Matthew McDevitt, Project Chair Operation Christmas Child:

Operation Christmas Child went very well in the end. It had a slow start as it was the first time Enactus lead it. But with a lot of effort and overcoming the communication issue we were able to get large number of boxes made (252 to be exact). The packing party that took place in the upper level of the MAC was a success! The students loved it and we had a lot of participation. Overall it was a great experience for all who took part and we all have some valuable take-aways from it. As to whether we will continue it or not will have to be discussed.

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Andrew Gordon, Project Chair Moyer Foods

The Moyer Foods Team has continued working diligently on creating a business plan and marketing strategy for the expected launch of the Nut Galaxy brand and website. The team has also done research of competing brands and how they are making an impact on the online market for specialty foods. Most recently, we have discussed and set up a Social Media Marketing plan for the brand. Moving forward, we are looking forward to the launch of the website and seeing how we can implement our business plan to help it succeed.

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Kevin Wenrich, Project Chair Hungry Highlander

The Hungry Highlander is a new project for Cairn Enactus where we run a small snack stand once a week at night. Students place an order online and then can pick up their order or have it delivered to their dorm site. We make milkshakes, flavored popcorn, and chocolate peanut butter bars. The Hungry Highlander has only ran for two weeks so far but the students appear to enjoy what we are doing. As long as the student interest keeps up this has potential to be a great revenue raising project for our team.

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Cherith Danielewicz, Project Chair Hope Beauty Fashion

The Hope Beauty Fashion event had a great turn out this year. We were able to represent five organizations, and all of these were profitable in the areas of finance and awareness. Because we were able to have our event during Starry Night, we were spreading awareness not only to the Cairn students, but also to the greater community.

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