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Technology Tidbits for BMS Educators

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Featured In This Flier:

  • Take your students on a virtual field trip right from your classroom! There are some beautiful art exhibits to view and tour collections of famous museums like the Smithsonian.
  • Fun Math Videos for 6th-8th graders
  • Showcase of apps on self-service. Check them out!

Virtual Field Trips

PBS Math Club Videos

PBS Math Club helps you with your homework... and makes you laugh. They cover the 6th-9th grade Common Core Standard for math; topics like adding and subtracting integers, equations, ratios and proportions, and statistics. They use uncommon examples like Mean Girls to explain adding negative numbers in our show. These episodes way too long? Check out the "Instacram" clips for the :15 second versions. Math Club is produced for PBS Digital Studios and created by Radiant Features.