By:shannon hayes

Why i chose the jews

The first crusade started around 1096 and ended around 1099, was a battle between differnt religions for the holy lands, when the christians took over the holy lands they raided the city brutlly killing muslums and jews and if the were not killed they were sold to slavery. In my opinion that is not right nor is it fair, we are all the same but even though i and possibly other people would agree on this the crusades armys where vishious. I wanted to write my point of veiw from the jews just because i feel like their story would be more interesting to tell.

Life for the jews during the crusades

In my opinion life for the jews were unfair they were blamed for alot of things when they were innocent. During the first crusade anti-semitisim (prejudice towards jews) spread across the crusaders, riots and massecurs broke out in lots of cities in europe. In 1290 england relocated all jews so did france to a place in eastrn europe. Not only did they had to leave their homes but they also had some items that had something to do with their religion were distroyed.

Information found in book on page 126

Life for christans and muslims

During the crusades the christans had sufferd lots of problems because of the war they were wounden or killed, or died from disease. Lots of the muslims lost thier lives in battle and lots of muslim property distroyed.

My opinion

I feel that lives for both jews chritans and muslims were unfair and hard during this time but if they would have united as people they could have avoided all the lives that were lost the fighting and everything.