The 10 Plagues

Zakyia & Sarah

The 1st Plagues

The first plague was the water turned to BLOOD.

~ Exodus 7:14

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2nd Plague

The second plague was frogs

~ Exodus 7:25

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The 3rd Plague

The 3rd Plague was gnats.

~ Exodus 8:16

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The 4th Plague

The 4th Plague was flies

Exodus 8:20

The 5th plague

The 5th plague is the plague of livestock disease.

Exodus 9:1

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The 6th Plague

The 6th plague was boils.

Exodus 9:8

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The Plague of Hail

The 7th plague was hail.

Exodus 9:13

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The Plague of Locust

The 8th plague was locust.

Exodus 10:1

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The Plague of Darkness

The 9th plague was darkness.

Exodus 10:2

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The Death of the First Born

The last plague, the first born die.

Exodus 10:21

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