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Elginburg & District Public School ~ Friday, February 19

There are so many great things going on at our school...

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Our Classroom Doors are Celebrating Black History Month - Here is Mr. Bush's Door - They are celebrating Daniella - Leader & Advocate!

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"Nobody Understands what it means to be black... being different from everyone else just makes me a lot stronger." Drake (& Daniella)

School Council Meeting - Join us!

Our next School Council meeting is on Monday, February 22nd at 6:00! It has been a tough year for Fundraising but we have a few ideas up our sleeves!

At this meeting, Mrs. Duncan will be discussing the maintenance of our Natural Play spaces in the school yard. She will be advocating for a committee of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts this spring to help keep our backyard and gardens in tip top form!

We will also hear an update on the traffic issues in the front of the school.

We would love for you to join us! We are a fun group of parents who love Elginburg! Just click the link below on Monday at 6:00!


The School Council

Pink Shirt Day Wednesday, February 24th

Next Wednesday we will recognize PINK SHIRT DAY! Bullying affects adults and children. We know the impact bullying has on the human spirit.

At Elginburg, we promote kindness and respect. If a child's actions are not kind or respectful we discuss it immediately and follow through with the child. But, sometimes children are good at hiding their feelings, we don't know that they are being mentally or physically hurt.

This Pink Shirt Day, please talk to your child about going to a trusted adult if they are sad, scared or being bullied. We want students to speak up about how they are feeling and how they are being treated. Our staff want to raise children that advocate for their themselves; no matter what.

"Paying People Back" and "Snitching" are another big issue at schools and one we deal with at Elginburg. Some students are afraid to come forward about an injustice because the other child or children will call them a SNITCH. We want to ensure you; we know this happens and we are stopping it. It is NEVER okay to call someone a snitch. We make it VERY clear to the victim and the "bully" that there will be severe consequences if they threaten this action.

Let's continue the conversation about Kindness next week and every day.

Please call us if your child is the victim of bullying. It matters...

Guess What? Tired of making lunches? February Blues?

We are starting our HOT LUNCH program on March 3rd! Stay tuned for online ordering information! It will be offered 2x a week.

Orders will made using School-day Permissions and Payments! Use your credits from last year!

Pick Up/Drop Off Safety

Our school has been working with the City of Kingston, Kingston Police and the Limestone District School Board to improve student safety before and after school.

I encourage you to send your child on the bus, as it helps with traffic congestion. We have not had any COVID transmission on buses and are feeling confident that our buses are safe and well sanitized.

If you are picking up or dropping off students, please ensure you get out of the car to walk the children across the street. The Police are making their presence very visible to slow the regular traffic down to posted limits but we must be vigilant. Our school is on a very busy road and we can't rely on passers by to keep our children safe.

Thank you,

Martha Duncan


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Very Important Request for All Families

Please read the FAMILY INFORMATION SHEET with the blue letterhead below this article.

We have a delightful little boy, Eli, in grade 1 who is unfortunately fighting cancer. He is presently going through chemotherapy but is going to attend school for short visits when he is feeling up to it!

We can't wait to see him! It is important that you read the letter from the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario to help keep our little fighter healthy!

We know everyone extends their best wishes, love and support to this family as they go through this difficult time.

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Safe Arrivals in School Messenger Even Snow Days

A reminder that Cheryl, our Office Administrator, needs to know who is away each morning and why they are away. Teachers are not able to put the reason for student absence in their attendance.

Please use the School Messenger App whenever your child is absent; even Bus Cancelation Days

Once in the app...

Click Attendance

Click the plus sign in the bottom right hand corner

Click your child's name

Click either Full Day or Multiple Day

Click the reason for the absence

Click SEND

Thank you!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, February 24 - PINK SHIRT DAY for Anti-Bullying

Friday, February 26 - Shine BRIGHT Spirit Day!

Friday, March 12 - PJ Day

Friday, March 26 - Hat Day

Easter Weekend - Friday, April 2nd - Monday, April 5th

April Break - Monday, April 12 - Friday, April 16