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noun \ˌbi-blē-ˈä-lə-tər\

Definition of BIBLIOLATER

1: one having excessive reverence for the letter of the Bible

2: one overly devoted to books

Word Slayer (Saver)

Words should be disected, protected, manipulated, beautifully combined, but NEVER abused! Use this section each week to save, not slay, a word (or combination thereof)!

To or Too?

Although this is so simple, it is slain daily. "To" is a preposition. It is usually used in reference to position or movement, such as I want to go to the store. Come to me.

"Too" is an adverb. It describes the verb. He is too heavy. "Too" describes heavy in the sentence.

"Too" is used in place of also as well. He is a teacher too. I, too, sing America.