French and Indian War

By: Melissa O'Malley, Emma Sharretts, and Quinn Sullivan

France vs Britain

Up until 1756 the French colonies were living peacefully in a land known as the Ohio River Valley. They were great friends with the Algonquin and Huron Native American tribes. The tribes taught them the best places to hunt for animal furs and the colonists were making a considerable profit selling the furs back to their mother country, France. France's expansion into the Ohio River Valley was causing tension between the French colonists and the British. Britain was jealous of the money France was making in the fur trading business and wanted the forested land, in 1756 Britain declared war.

Early into the war, things were not looking good for the British. The French used a fighting style known as Guerrilla warfare, which they learned from the Native Americans. They were losing because the General at the time, Edward Braddock, refused to fight using Guerrilla warfare. However, when William Pitt became General, he listened to the colonists about fighting style, which led to the victory against the French. The British were also fighting alongside the Iroquois, whom they were not friends with, but the Iroquois wanted to fight against the Algonquin and Huron

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After the War

After the Treaty of Paris ended the French and Indian war, many things happened including the British gaining control of Florida, previously owned by the Spanish as a result of them verbally siding with the French. There was also a huge war debt which caused taxes to be put on the colonists. These were placed by Britain to help pay off the huge debt. This made the colonists rebel which eventually lead to the American Revolution


The French and Indian war took place at the Ohio River Valley.
French And Indian War Documentary