Prep 2 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore, 19th September 2014

Highlights of the week

We celebtrated our entry point this week with a big BANG! The children made rockets and we launched them into space! It was definitely a technically challenging activity but the children used their perseverance and resilience to create excellent rockets. Well done!

Thank you to all the parents for providing the necessary resources to make the rockets. We know it was tough to find those film canisters! Thanks Anna and Kenny!

Ask your child how we made the rockets fly!

Virtue of the week

This week we have been practising the virtue of confidence. The children have shown lots of confidence throughout their learning this week and haven't been afraid to try new things.

Next week we are looking at the virtue of creativity. We have lots of children who are great at using their imagination and doing things in their own creative way.

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Next week in...

Language Arts

  • The children will be starting a new unit on 'How to' books. We will talk about the definition of non-fiction and use our knowledge of 'All about books' to discuss features and similarities of them.
  • We will continue to revise all the sounds learnt this term including oi, er, ou, ue and ar
  • We will continue with our daily 4, reading to self, word work, work on writing and guided reading


The children have started to look at ordinal numbers and have been discussing how we use these numbers in a real life context, for instance when we say the date and in sporting events.

We will continue to look at and consolidate our learning on sequencing days of the week and the months of the year.

We have been singing many songs to reinforce this learning, including a fantastic Macarena song. Ask your children to share these songs with you at home.


Next week the children will be introduced to a varity of maps and we will look at key vocabulary map related vocabulary, including, birds eye view, key and symbols.

Celebtration of learning

Wednesday, Oct. 1st, 8am-8:30pm

490 Thomson Rd

Your Prep2 Teaching Team

Ms Symons and Ms Alice

Miss Solanki and Ms May Leng

Mrs Joplin and Ms Grace

Head of Early Years, Louise Agar