carlos cruz

Looking for a good sport to play? play basketball because its fun,intersting,and alot of running. Players begin playing in middle school and excel all the way to college.

It begins about the age of 12 in 7th grade. the first time a middel schooler runs down the court, feeling the runing of their heart they are hooked! all it takes is run fast and jump high to get on the high school team.

High school basketball is different from middel school basketball because its more competitive and a higher level. When you go to a basketball game you see more people and its louder. At the coaches are yelling and the players are listening and husiling.

College is harder then middel school and high school because its a bigger court. players will get nervous because scouters to draft them on the NBA. Sometimes, the crowd roars loud that it sounds like a freight train. its not un common to see people with painted faces and costume.

If your looking for a good sport to play, basketball should be considered. Boys and girls from ages 12 to 30 or older should play basketball because its entertaining and a good way of exercising.