Miss Holz's First Grade News

September 27

What's New in First Grade?

Can you believe it is almost October? This first month of school has flown by and we have already made so much progress. We are continuing to explore our first literacy units. The students are slowly being exposed to different types of texts (narrative, informational and opinion) and they LOVE it. There are so many days I wish I would have recorded the large group discussions we have together because what they contribute to our conversation is genius. You should be so proud!

We have recently introduced book shopping to the students. You may have heard your child talk about this. They all look forward to their book shopping days. I have taught them how to choose appropriate books during book shopping by connecting this process to riding a book. The students should be picking out books that they can read independently, also known as an easy rider. Easy riders are fun and an opportunity for your child to build their confidence as a reader. On the days they bring their book shopping books home with them, please make sure your child is bringing home "easy riders." I monitor book shopping in the classroom but they sometimes manage to sneak it past me. I will also be meeting with your child during an individual reading conference each week. It is during this time I will be giving your child instructional texts and give them specific strategies I would like to see them work on. These texts can be referenced to as uphill riders. In these texts your child may struggle with some of the new words but have the instructional strategies to stretch these words out. These texts may be a little bit more difficult, just like riding a bike uphill.

I've had some questions about the books your child is bringing home each night. I hope this answers some of your questions. Your child should be bringing their reading folder to and from school each night. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Starting this week, you are going to begin seeing weekly spelling words on your child's Busy Week. On the back of their Busy Week is detailed instructions on how your child practices new spelling words at school. I would like you to extend this practice at home. Your child should be very familiar with our spelling routine. I am encouraging you to extend this practice at home because many of these words are high frequency first grade words that your child often uses in their writing. As we begin to do this weekly with new words, please give me some feedback on how this is going at home. Thank you!

Crazy Hair Day

Book Swap

This Wednesday (September 30) is our first book swap of the year. Book swap is an opportunity for your child to bring a book from home that they no longer have interest in or no longer want. They will then be able to swap their book for a new book of their choice. Please send your child to school with one book that you are okay with parting with on Wednesday. If it is easier for you to send it earlier than Wednesday, that is okay as well and they can keep it in their desk.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 28

  • Nolan's birthday. Happy Birthday Nolan!

Wednesday, September 30

  • Book Swap
Friday, October 2
  • Fun Run (First Grade runs at 12:45)

Friday, October 16

  • 2:00 Release

October 22 & 23

  • No School

Tuesday, November 3

  • First grade field trip to Oshkosh Grande Theatre (more information to come soon)


Please know that the classroom door is always open. If you ever have a question or concern, please stop on by! Emails and phone calls are always welcome as well. I want your experience to be just as pleasant as your child.