Asian Literature

Americanization Ryan, Carter, and Dayton

The Theme of Americanization

Americanization- The process of an immigrant to the United States of America becoming a person who shares American values, beliefs and customs and is assimilated into American society.

The theme of americanization is Asian people living in the United States and learning the cultures and traditions of the United States.

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How it applies to the Theme

Americanization applies Asian literature because in many Asian novels you can find Americanized traits in the characters that are in the novel. Also many asians that are Americanized find themselves torn between their culture and being more “american” and fitting in with the americans around them.

How Asian Literature honors and challenge cultural traditions

Asian literature might honor their culture by having their characters be as true to their roots as possible. A challenge would be writing a novel without integrating any Americanized traits and being true to only Asian culture with all of the American influence.
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Illustrations of Indian Culture

The above image is more a data photo rather than an actual culture photo. This photo shows the percent of Asian Indian people living in the United States.

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American Culture vs Asian Culture

Asian Culture vs. American Culture

Additional Information

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