LUFTWAFFE-The German Aerial Force

The Luftwaffe- Germany Most Dangerous Aerial Force in WWII

Summary of Event

Luftwaffe was the official name for the German Air Force in 1935, the Luftwaffe ran by the Hermann Goering who was appointed the chief in that same year. In 1939 Luftwaffe was a large Air Force with 1,000 fighter planes and 1,050 bombers which were used to fight for Germany in World War 2.
Luftwaffe Finis: The End of the German Air Force 1945, Restored Color


London got bombed by the Luftwaffe for 57 consecutive nights. That was in September 1940. All the bombs were dropped over 16 different cities. More than 1,000,000 houses were destroyed. 40,000 civilians were killed, and more than half of them were in London alone. 4,000 people died when they bombed the Atlantic Sea Port of Liverpool. The bombings did not make the British surrender. But they did cause a lot of damage. The Battle of Britain and the Royal Air Force (RAF) turned the tide of air supremacy over Europe.


"During the flight in there was contact with Spitfires. The bombers flew in loose formation
to the north of London. Strong and accurate flak. The Spitfires came from above, fired, and dived away. Hauptmann von Hahn shot down the Spitfire, Lt Rohwer probably destroyed a Hurricane. During an attack by Spitfires Oberleutnant Reumschuessel became separated from his wing-man, Obfw Olejnik, and has not returned (this aircraft crashed near Charing, Kent; the pilot bailed out and was taken prisoner)."

"Obfw Buchholz’s aircraft was hit in the cooling system and forced down in the Channel. Oblt Keller made contact with the rescue aircraft nearby, which picked up Buchholz. He had injuries and was taken to the military hospital a Boulogne."


  • Luftwaffe became the official name for Air Force for Germany in 1935
  • Hermann Goering was appointed chief of the Luftwaffe in 1935 by Hitler.
  • In 1939 the Luftwaffe had a total of 1,000 fighter planes and 1,050 bombers.
  • German pilots were trained secretly in violation of the treaty at Lipetsk Air Base.
  • Adolf Hitler signed a secret decree authorizing the founding of the German Empire and Luftwaffe as a German Empire Army.


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