Tankless Diving Suit

Biomimicry: Frog respiration through skin

Organism and Adaptations

Frogs breath through their skin when they are submerged underwater or when they are hibernating. Some frogs hibernate underwater and some hibernate under dirt/mud or debris of leaves. This process is called cutaneous gas exchange (respiration), exchanging oxygen from carbon dioxide, similar to the way our lungs exchange gases. The gasses pass through the skin by diffusion. The frogs skin can absorb oxygen, which is captured by capillaries lying just beneath the skins surface. The capillaries transport the oxygen throughout the frogs circulatory system carried by the blood. Blood cells not carrying oxygen pick up carbon dioxide and carry it back through the circulatory system to the frogs skin where it diffuses out of the frog. Frogs have to stay moist for this to work which is why they sty in damp areas. Frogs also have lungs that they can use to breathe when they are doing activities that involve the need for more oxygen.

3 ways that the frog can help humans do something better

  1. When diving underwater humans will not need to come up to the surface when their oxygen tank runs out. They will get all of the oxygen they need from their suits.
  2. This suit would eliminate the use of an oxygen tank therefore divers could move around more efficiently and be less burdened by equipment.
  3. Most if not all diving suits require a mask for divers to wear to be able to receive oxygen from the tanks. This suit would eliminate that need since oxygen is coming from the water through the suit just like the frogs skin.

Prototypes of the Tankless Diving Suit

A new efficient way for divers to stay underwater longer to get the job done faster.

Problem solved

With the Tankless Diving Suit that absorbs oxygen from the water and expels carbon dioxide divers can now stay underwater longer without the need to return to the surface for oxygen tanks. They can breathe easier without a mask since the oxygen comes straight to them from the suit. The divers can move freely in the water without having to worry about equipment weighing them down and with built in flippers they can maneuver the water just like the frogs.