A Letter of Introduction

April 29, 2020

Dear North Glendale Community,

This unprecedented time has certainly pushed us to think differently, act differently and connect differently. The important thing, though, is that we are CONNECTING. So, while this is NOT the introduction I had hoped for, please allow me to introduce myself.

In case you are not aware, my name is Jennifer Sisul and I will be serving North Glendale as the Principal beginning in our next school year.

I am wrapping up my 25th year in education, the last ten of which have been as Principal at Robinson Elementary. Prior to that I was in district administration in the Parkway School District after having been a teacher in Columbia, Missouri and Kirkwood.

I am hunkered down right now with my daughter, Bridget, who is 14 and wrapping up 8th grade at Nipher. My husband, Scott, is a chemist and is still going into his lab everyday. (I’ve learned a lot about safety precautions!) We share our house with two dogs and one cat, who is really the boss of all of us.

I am a people person by nature; I need people! I thrive on give and take, I’m energized by “what-if,” questions and I love to laugh with others. I believe our ideas are better together and the power of a school community is that our different histories and perspectives lead to richer discussions and better decisions for kids.

And, boy, do I love kids. I consider each student a puzzle and it's my job to put the right people, resources and structures around that student to ensure their success. Also, I am totally entertained and energized by the wackiness of elementary school life. I keep roller-skates in my office, love bus, recess and cafeteria duty, play a mean game of Uno, read to kids as often as I can and am not afraid for kids to see the lighter side of their Principal.

What I really want you to know about me is that I love what I do and I am excited to join the Super Star community. I look forward to collaborating with you and the wonderful North Glendale staff to build upon the traditions in place. I look forward to the partnerships between the City of Glendale, the Kirkwood School District, the parent community, faculty, staff and kids.

I am working with Dr. Massenburg-Johnson and Ms. Spencer on the transition but for now, the focus is on finishing this unusual school year strong. The kids at both Robinson and North Glendale deserve nothing less.

Until we can meet in person, I wish you well and offer sincere thanks for the work you are doing to keep your kids engaged in school while managing the realities of a really hard situation.

My best,

Jennifer Sisul

My family and I ~ my daughter Bridget, and my husband Scott

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