Welcome to Coalwood

By: Chad Bates

What does Coalwood have to offer?

Some may ask, what does the town of Coalwood have to offer. When looking on the outside of town it may seem a little boring. Yet on further inspection you can see what the town of Coalwood has to offer. with the huge coal tipple almost setting a land point through the whole town. even take a tour down through the dark tunnels and how exciting the tunnels are laid out and the nature of the rock.

The rocket boys

When done touring the mines. The rocket boys are a sight to see, shooting rockets as far as the eye can see and beyond, As it shoots miles in the sky. The rocket boys are definitely a sight to see.

Some of the sights and attractions in Coalwood

If you're looking for crisp mountain air, how a coal mine works, or to see rockets miles in the sky. Come to the relaxing and exciting town of coalwood