Telling our ELT Stories

BrazTESOL Brasilia One-Day Seminar

One-Day Seminar Information

Telling Our ELT Stories will take place on May 17th

from 8:00 am to 18:00

at Casa Thomas Jefferson, Asa Norte, 609 Norte

Participants and presenters will receive certificates of attendance and presentation


Plenary Sessions

The BrazTESOL Brasilia Chapter is proud to announce the two plenary speakers especially invited for our one-day Seminar.

Fernando Guarany with his plenary session "Accounts from the open road: lessons and principles from an ELT journey"


Valéria Benévolo with her plenary session "A Space for Stories Stories in Space"

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Accounts from the open road: lessons and principles from an ELT journey

Why are narratives so powerful and what can we learn from them? In this talk we dive into some of the elements behind the magnetism of stories and judge how effectual they are in imparting memorable lessons. Through a handful of accounts from the ELT world as a backdrop, participants are invited to ponder what principles can be drawn from our journeys in the language teaching lifework.

Fernando Guarany

Born and raised in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, Fernando Guarany has served English Language Teaching in multiple roles for a number of years. His ELT career has enabled him to engage with teachers in various contexts and from a variety of perspectives in Brazil and beyond. Fernando was a freelance teacher trainer and consultant with the British Council for several years. He was president of BRAZ-TESOL Natal chapter between 2010 and 2012, and is now a member of the association’s national executive board. As British Council’s ELT Development Manager, Fernando is now responsible for teacher training and development programmes nationwide.

A Space for Stories Stories in Space

The act of telling stories is something that accompanies us both historically and socially, from the very first cave paintings at Lescaux, to the oral tradition of the narrative Homeric epics, to fairytales, a diversity of written fictional genres and, more recently, the advent of transmedia storytelling, bringing the unification of story and audience via varied platforms.

This plenary will explore how stories, which are part of or daily routine, are an effective means of promoting language development amongst learners. Through stories we learn to share experiences, deal with the affective dimension of our life, we explore the relationship between objects, people and experiences. Stories stimulate the ability to listen to, to look at and to remember things. We connect points hanging in space, we bring creativity to bear to the work we do in class. This in turn allows us to experiment and play with language and create new meanings.

Through a narrative thread which will be collectively woven, we will see how different storytelling activities can construct a stimulating space for language learning.

Valéria França

Valéria França initially trained as a primary school teacher, but for over 20 years she has worked in the field of ELT. She is the Head of Teacher Development at Cultura Inglesa S/A. She is at her happiest when working alongside teachers, running development sessions and courses, but she also enjoys planning, designing new TD possibilities and working on a more strategic and administrative level of things. Valéria is the current First Vice President of BRAZ-TESOL. Her passions include reading, Yoga, puppetry and object theatre. She blogs at: